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What is WWB?

Improving the lives of workers throughout the global apparel industry. Worker Well-being is a new approach to supply chain engagement that looks beyond the factory walls to improve the lives of the people who work in factories.


Levi Strauss is at the forefront of what we would call a “Worker Well-being (WWB)” movement that both benefits the factories as well as the workers themselves and the communities. This is driven by an overriding belief that factory and worker success are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually dependent. One serves the other. 


To date, Levi Strauss Foundation has been implementing health, gender, community impact programs and the like largely through contracts with third parties. The positive result is that these programs have individually benefitted tens of thousands of workers and the factory culture and work where these workers are engaged. However, Levi Strauss Foundation recently recognized that, although this methodology can be powerful, it is suboptimal. Oftentimes the work can be fragmented (silos) and a community to amplify and share good practices (and failures), needs to be  empowered.

Worker Well-being 



WWB Champions

WWB Champions are individuals and organizations who engage with apparel workers, factories, and brands to improve workers’ lives by providing expertise, perspective, and resources around well-being.

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