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Supervisor gets new vision

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Mr. Khan is working at Fountain for almost a year. Unfortunately, he has been suffering from blurred vision for last 4 years. As he is a supervisor, he needs to write reports every day on production. Due to the blurred vision, he was making mistakes while writing reports. To avoid mistakes, he used to take help from his colleague to prepare the production report on behalf of him. Asking favor every day to write his report was a bit embarrassing for him and for this sometimes he felt helplessness.

He was unable to visit an eye specialist due to the lake of free time to visit. When he heard that a US Based NGO name VisionSpring is doing vision camp in the factory (Fountain), he visited the camp immediately. He got his eye tested and got one eyeglass to correct his near vision problem. He has been using this glasses for last couple weeks and he is happy because he isn’t dependent on anyone to write his production report. Now he isn’t frustrated because of his eyes, now he is working happily. He is now overseeing other quality of works, he can check other workers works from his line.

by Alokananda Chatterjee