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50,000 workers receive vision screening

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Clear Vision Workplaces in India and Bangladesh: Over the last few months we have kicked off vision screenings for a collective 50,000 workers in factories from which Levi, Target, Williams-Sonoma, and VF are sourcing in India, Bangladesh andthe Philippines. We have had a strong beginning, validating what we all anticipated would be significant need for vision correction. So far, we have found that 25% to 76% of workers screened require eyeglasses (largely associated with the workers’ average age), and 60% to 88% are getting glasses for the very first time through your Clear Vision Workplace programs. We are in the process of collecting pre/post data on the benefit to workers with regard to productivity and quality of life and will be writing these up for collective understanding.

Related to the above, Williams-Sonoma and Target came together in a collaborative planning process through which they: 1) set a shared goal for a number of workers to be screened, 2) coordinated on the list of factories such that 1/3 were WSI, 1/3 were Target and 1/3 were shared.Each company sponsored part of the project based on a planned ratio. Each company and VisionSpring benefited from operational efficiencies and cost savings as a result of coordinating and co-locating efforts.

In sponsoring their CVW, Levi was highly supportive of VisionSpring developing our operational and management capacity for this rapidly growing channel, particularly in Bangladesh. Funds in the budget were not restricted just to the factory based work, but included support for us to hire a project manager for higher level oversight and ensure training for newly hired vision screeners.

by Ella Gudwin