WWB Stories

Financial planning for better future

L. A.Subashani Wijenayake has been working in the sewing line No:7 for the past couple of months at Voguetex. She got the opportunity to be a part of the Worker Well-being program, and she expressed that her life has changed after the program. Subashani would wake up around 6:30 am and try to juggle with all the household chores before she reached her factory. However, there was always a lot to do after she went back home. From the session on managing time, she realized that she needed to wake up earlier. She began to wake up at 5:00 am, and it made a lot of difference. She is now able to complete all the housework before 7:00 am and reach work on time.

Subashani’s husband also goes to work. In spite of two earning members in the family, they did not know how to manage their income. Subashani shared her learning from the program with her husband, and both of them have learned the art of financial planning. Her husband was a heavy smoker, but from the knowledge gained through the program, she managed to influence him to reduce the habit. The program helped Subashani at work as well. From the Worker Well-being program, she learned to help and respect others. She gained confidence and improved her presentation skills. Most of all, she learned the importance of maintaining quality in her work. She learned why she had to sew her pieces without faults, and also teaches her peers the importance of delivering with quality. Her dedication and will to improve came with a reward - with Subashani being promoted as a Trainee Supervisor. She says, “I learned a lot from the program. I was able to realize what was lacking in myself and in my life. I have gained confidence and learned to sew without faults, I also educate my peers to do the same”.

by Julian Joseph