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Sharina live improves with HERhealth

Shahina is an active PHE. She received training 1 to 3 from the HERhealth training program. As a PHE, she has many responsibilities. She wishes that she will complete all the topics of HERhealth training. However, she did not go to school and cannot read and write. So Shahina decided that her neighbor is an educated person, Shahina will learn reading (Bangla) and writing from her. Her neighbor teaches her regularly. Shahina paid her teacher 500 tk per month. Now Shahina could read HERhealth training handouts easily. Shahina said that to become a good PHE, education is very necessary.

In a conjugal life, Shahina does not have a child. Before marriage she adopted a child who has no parents. For this reason, she did not want her own child right now. After received the training 2, she had no previous knowledge on a balanced diet and menstruation. Now she tried to keep balance food in her daily food plate. She eats fruits like olive, amla, guava, karambolam, jambura, papaya (deshi fruits) and vegetables also. She is not conscious about her health during menstruation so she uses sanitary napkins she bought from a nearby pharmacy.

PHE Shahina said to HERhealth team that, "Apa now I could read and write and handout 2 I can read completely which was very important for me, many information I did not know before reading the handout (food and nutrition topics) I read it before starting the cooking every day. Now I know low-cost food and costly food. That’s why I want to thank, from the core of my heart to the HERhealth team and our factory & brand also.’’

by Nazneen C. Huq