WWB Stories

Women create access to health training

Sharmin is a 22 year old peer health educator (PHE) and has been working as a quality inspector in a factory. She has been able to complete all of the six training topics. Sharmin shared that her parents and other family members live in the village and she lives in Dhaka alone for her work. They do not have access to electricity in the village and so they do not have the opportunity to watch television for which they are unaware of a lot of important information of the current times. Sharmin thought she could teach her family members and also other villagers the messages she learned from the HERhealth project. In her last holiday, she gathered all her family members and neighbors in the village and shared the important messages she learned from the HERhealth project. She informed every one that they must be attentive to their own health, have breakfast regularly, cook and eat healthy food. She informed them that they can make a balanced food diet with inexpensive food. She emphasized the importance and advantages of using sanitary napkin for girls during their menstruation. She bought 10 packets of sanitary napkins and distributed them amongst her neighbors and this cost her 300 taka. After raising awareness and sharing the messages of the HERhealth project, Sharmin’s mother maintains personal hygiene and tries to cook food of balanced diet. Her sisters and her neighbors now use sanitary napkins. All these changes in Sharmin and also her fellow villagers were possible due to the trainings of the HERhealth project.

by Nazneen C. Huq